Our Process

What you can expect

There are many facets to building a quality home, and over the years we’ve developed a unique and responsive process to accommodate each of the steps along the way. From the initial meeting, to the design stages and through the entire building process, we guide our clients every step of the way.

Our process starts with you. We believe that creating and fostering quality working relationships with our clients is the key to success. We work closely with you, attentively guiding you through each step of designing, building, and finishing of your home.

Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, we sit down and talk about the project you have in mind. We get an idea as to what you’re looking for and discuss how we can best meet your needs. Financing options are also discussed. There is no fee of obligation for the initial meeting.

The Design

The design can be based on a set of pictures, ideas, and/or particular architectural styles. We begin by creating a schematic design, or rough draft, of your home. We create the floor plans and proceed with elevations, sections, and 3D modeling.

The initial design can be very detailed, right down to the choice of trim and color of paint on the walls, or it can be ongoing. Some people prefer to begin with a basic layout and then add details as the project progresses. Other clients prefer to have every detail decided before any work begins. Ultimately the choice is up to the client and their desires.

Keep in mind there are no time or revision limits in terms of design. We will work through the process until everyone is happy with the set of working drawings to be used on the project.

3D Modeling

Our ability to create 3D images of the various proposed designs has been an extremely helpful and effective tool for our clients in making design decisions.

With 3D modeling, as opposed to traditional drawings, clients are able to accurately visualize the look and feel of the finished space.

These before and after photos give you an idea as to just how effective this tool is. The photos show the 3D image before anything was built and then its corresponding finished product.

The Build

Once the footprint of the home has been determined, the building process begins with excavation, construction of the foundation, and framing. Also during this time, our interior designers will work with you to make product selections and finalize interior and exterior design decisions.

Then Becker Millwork and Doors goes to work, custom-making all the millwork, doors and cabinets for your home. Unlike other builders who order these products from large manufacturers, we produce and install our own. Everything is done to your liking- we do not limit your options. We also do all the finishing of these products at our facility right here in Fargo, North Dakota.

Once all decisions have been finalized, the finishing details are competed. We carefully manage the installation of all the millwork to ensure that everything is completed to our standards as well as yours. We then have your home professionally cleaned making sure it is in pristine condition and ready for your move-in day.

Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape design and installation can be completed along with the construction of your home, or it can be completed after you’ve moved in. Most people prefer the latter option so they’re able to focus on it separately from the home building phase.

Our landscape designers will work with you to design the hardscape- the pations, decks, walkways and other exterior surfaces- as well as the softscape- the trees, shrubs, and other plant materials. We are hands on through this process, overseeing the project from start to completion, making sure everything meets our standards, and yours.

Lasting Relationship

Terry Becker Custom Homes will be there for you even after you’ve settled into your new home. The most important part of our building process is creating a quality working relationship with our clients. That comes from our understanding of your needs and desires and the trust we earn from you as a result. Our door is always open, and our services will still be available should anything be needed or desired. We are dedicated to our customers and the homes we build.

Mike and Cindy Schlosser

Working with Terry, Rhonda and their crew was truly a pleasure.  We started out with a bunch of vague ideas and a concept that we were looking for. With the help of the Beckers, we ended up with a beautiful home that was beyond our imagination.  Every step of the process was explained to us in great detail. With their years of experience and plenty of projects to review, we were able to see in advance what we were getting. The crew’s attention to details and craftsmanship are obvious everywhere we look. Rhonda’s artistic input was invaluable in turning the house into a warm livable home that we love. We started out as customers and became friends of the people who helped our dream home become a reality.

Jason and Stephanie Asheim

Terry, Rhonda, and the entire team were amazing to work with and we are delighted with our home! Terry takes great pride in his work and it shows. He is totally engaged in the project and makes it clear that client satisfaction is the main priority. From the initial meeting to the present day, we trust everyone at Terry Becker Construction and we know that we can count on them to be there if any issues arise. We highly recommend Terry Becker Construction.